miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2009

Southwest Testing Wi-Fi On Board

Aqui os dejo una noticia, esta en ingles, pero es interesante.

BlackBerry addicts, rejoice (perhaps)! Southwest Airlines is testing the idea of wireless Internet accessibility on its planes.
The air carrier rolled out its first WiFi-enabled airplane earlier this week, and will add three others by March. "With the developments of the last couple years, and the ubiquity of connectivity across the planet, the skies are the last place where people can't do their business and can't be informed by the Internet," Dave Ridley, svp of marketing and revenue management, tells Marketing Daily. "It's kind of the last horizon."
For the test, the Wi-Fi connection will be free and passengers will be given instructions about how to operate the service upon boarding the plane. The company has also contracted with Yahoo to provide an in-flight home page that will include a flight tracker (which will show the airplane's position and fly-over points of interest) as well as news and information. The page will also include destination-relevant information. leer noticia completa

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